1st The 1st International Conference on Arabic Language (1st ICAL 2017) will be conducted on October 28th, 2017 in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. This Conference aims to boost up the creativity and innovation of Arabic Learning and Islamic Subject as well as to facilitate a scientific forum for Arabic language study, Islamic subject, and its teaching. In response to this, Departement of Arabic Language, Faculty of Language and Literature, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) intends to conduct this conference in line with the celebration of the 63rd Dies Natalies of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

The main purpose of ICAL is to address various issues and challenges in the teaching and learning of Arabic language and literature, Islamic subject, and the culture of Arabic-Islam and to find out solution to these challenges. Such the issues include identifying the values, creativity and innovation in the teaching and learning of these subject areas.



(A study in religion values and learning of language, literature, and culture)


  1. Islamic values in Arabic learning and literature
  2. Integrated curriculum of Arabic and Islamic Subject
  3. Method, model, classroom action research, problems, learning materials, evaluation of Arabic learning and literature.
  4. Creativity in Teaching of Arabic learning and literature.
  5. Arabic Literature and Al Quran Study
  6. Arabic Linguistics and Alquran Study
  7. Arab Culture.
  8. Education Management
  9. Values of Religion, Sociology, and Antrophology


  • Dr. Muhammad Sofa Haqy, M.A - Lecturer of University of Al Imam Muhammad Ibn Su'ud Al Islamiyah
  • ( Relasi saudi - Indonesia dan Kontribusinya dalam Pengembangan Pembelajaran Bahasa Arab )

  • Dr (HC). Ahmad Heryawan, LC - Governor of West Java
  • Prof. Dr. Sofyan Sauri, M.Pd. - Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • ( Pendidikan Nilai Dalam Pembelajaran Bahasa Arab di Pesantren )

  • Prof. Hj. Emi Emilia, M.A., Ph.D. - Head of Center for Strategic Development and Linguistic Diplomacy Kemendikbud
  • ( Pendidikan Bahasa, Literasi, Dan Karakter )

  • Prof. Dr. Bunyamin Maftuh, M.A., M.Pd. - Director of career and human resources of Ministry of Research and Higher Education
  • ( Kebijakan Pembinaan Dosen Dalam Menghadapi Tantangan Era Global )


Abstract submission deadline : 6 oktober 2017
Abstract acceptance notification : 10 oktober 2017
Deadline for latest payment : 13 oktober 2017
Full paper submission deadline : 20 Oktober 2017
Participant registration deadline : 20 Oktober 2017
Conference day : 28 Oktober 2017


Indonesia University of Education
Building : Auditorium B Level 4 FPBS Building UPI


International Paper Presenter : USD 300
Indonesian Paper Presenter : IDR 500.000,-
International Participant : USD 200
Indonesian Participant : IDR 250.000,-



Seminar Kit


Coffe Break



Bank Name : BNI (Branch Perguruan Tinggi Bandung)
Account name : Nunung Nursyamsiah
Account number : 0227272728
Payment confirmation via SMS to Hikmah Maulani, M.Pd
Contact Person : (08521770829)


Prof. Dr. H. Rd. Asep Kadarohman, M.Si. (Rector of Indonesia University of Education)

Prof. Dr. H. Syihabuddin, M.Pd. ( Dean of Faculty of Language and Literature UPI)


Dr. H. Yayan Nurbayan, M.Ag (Chairman of Departement of Arabic Learning)

Prof. Dr. Nurzaman, M.A.

Prof. Dr. Syihabuddin, M.Pd

Prof. Dr. Imam Asrori, M.Pd (Chairman of IMLA)

Dr. Andi Hadiyanto, M.A (Chairman Field of Foreign Relations and Cooperation of IMLA)

Dr. Dudung Rahmat Hidayat, M.Pd

Dr. Agus Salam Rahmat, M.Pd.


Conference Chair :

Prof. Dr. Sofyan Sauri, M.Pd.

Technical Chair :

Asep Sopian, S.Pd., M.Ag.

Kurnia Nurul Falah, S.Pd.

Members :

Prof. Dr. Maman Abdurrahman, M.Ag.

Dr. Nunung Nursyamsiah, M.Pd

Dr. M. Zaka Alfarisi, M.Hum.

Drs. Tatang, M.Hum.

Asep Irfan, M.Pd.

Hikmah Maulani, M.Pd.

Sofa Khalida, M.Pd.

Yayat Nurhayati, S.Pd.

Fikri Lukmanul Hakim, S.Pd.

Rinaldi Supriyadi, S.Pd.

Mia Nurmala, S.Pd.

Yassin Farid, S.Pd.

Ahmad Faqih, S.Pd

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Budi Syah Buana


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